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About Me

Watching a lot of comedy shows when I was a kid, my parents thought I was growing up an idiot. But a decade later I managed to get paid for making those 'silly' things I really liked to watch.


At first I started my career as a cameraman and editor, and thanks to those first years on set I now have a solid background to handle post-production or direct a film. I have 15 years of experience in television and commercial video.


Don’t hesitate to contact me for further info or projects.


Container cup (Vier/Woestijnvis)

Campus cup (Canvas/Woestijnvis)

De Ideale Wereld (Canvas/Woestijnvis)


De Ideale Wereld (Canvas/Woestijnvis)
Ooit Vrij (Vier/Woestijnvis)
Topdokters (Vier/Woestijnvis)


De Ideale Wereld (Canvas/Woestijnvis)

Topdokters (Vier/Woestijnvis)

De Veiligheid van het Land (één/Sylvester)

Vrede op Aarde (één/Woestijnvis)


De Ideale Wereld (Canvas/Woestijnvis)
De Boxy's (Vier/Koeken Troef!)
Topdokters (Vier/Woestijnvis)
Vrede op Aarde (één/Woestijnvis)
Tomorrowland 2017 (CK Productions)
Jani Gaat - Proloog Aflevering Japan (Vier/Koeken Troef!)
De Rechtbank (Vier/Woestijnvis)
Telenet PlayMore trailers (Woestijnvis)


De Idioten s2
Tomorrowland Special 2016 (CK Productions)
Umesh Pop-Up Teevee (één/Koeken Troef!)
De Ideale Wereld (Canvas/Woestijnvis)
Glammertime s1 + s2 (Vier/Woestijnvis)


Bevergem aflevering 9 (Canvas/Broektoe) 
Lookalikes (2BE/Broektoe)
De Ideale Wereld (Vier/Woestijnvis)
De Slimste Mens (Vier/Woestijnvis)
De Rechtbank  (Vier/Woestijnvis)
Geubels en de idioten (Vier/Woestijnvis)
Achter De Rug (Vier/Woestijnvis)
Overleven In De Chaos - David Galle (PIAS/BroekToe)
Iedereen Beroemd (één/De Chinezen)
Festivalitis (jim)
TOMORROWLAND TV (Boom & Brasil/CK Productions)
Frisse Start (24Kitchen/CK Productions)
Empire Sessions (FOX NL/CK Productions)

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