About Me

Watching a lot of comedy shows when I was a kid, my parents thought I was growing up an idiot. But a decade later I managed to get paid for making those 'silly' things I really liked to watch.


At first I started my career as a cameraman and editor, and thanks to those first years on set I now have a solid background to handle post-production or direct a film. I have 15 years of experience in television and commercial video.


Don’t hesitate to contact me for further info or projects.


Employer Branding content for Delhaize, Colruyt and Lidl.
De Ideale Wereld (Canvas/Woestijnvis)
Ooit Vrij (Vier/Woestijnvis)
Topdokters (Vier/Woestijnvis)


De Ideale Wereld (Canvas/Woestijnvis)

Topdokters (Vier/Woestijnvis)

De Veiligheid van het Land (één/Sylvester)

Vrede op Aarde (één/Woestijnvis)


De Ideale Wereld (Canvas/Woestijnvis)
De Boxy's (Vier/Koeken Troef!)
Topdokters (Vier/Woestijnvis)
Vrede op Aarde (één/Woestijnvis)
Tomorrowland 2017 (CK Productions)
Jani Gaat - Proloog Aflevering Japan (Vier/Koeken Troef!)
De Rechtbank (Vier/Woestijnvis)
Telenet PlayMore trailers (Woestijnvis)


De Idioten s2
Tomorrowland Special 2016 (CK Productions)
Umesh Pop-Up Teevee (één/Koeken Troef!)
De Ideale Wereld (Canvas/Woestijnvis)
Glammertime s1 + s2 (Vier/Woestijnvis)


Bevergem aflevering 9 (Canvas/Broektoe) 
Lookalikes (2BE/Broektoe)
De Ideale Wereld (Vier/Woestijnvis)
De Slimste Mens (Vier/Woestijnvis)
De Rechtbank  (Vier/Woestijnvis)
Geubels en de idioten (Vier/Woestijnvis)
Achter De Rug (Vier/Woestijnvis)
Overleven In De Chaos - David Galle (PIAS/BroekToe)
Iedereen Beroemd (één/De Chinezen)
Festivalitis (jim)
TOMORROWLAND TV (Boom & Brasil/CK Productions)
Frisse Start (24Kitchen/CK Productions)
Empire Sessions (FOX NL/CK Productions)

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